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Augmenting Human-AI Synergy for Sustainable Aotearoa


Assoc.Prof. Thammathip Piumsomboon
Research Lead

QUADRIC aims to develop human-centered, AI-enhanced solutions to address Aotearoa's unique challenges in agriculture, mental health, and sustainability.

Through the integration of intuitive, intelligent user interfaces (IUIs) and extended reality (XR) systems, QUADRIC seeks to improve understandability, trust, collaboration, and overall human-AI interaction, empowering users to harness the full potential of AI while maintaining control.

UADRIC stands for QUAlia Design for Realities with Interaction and Collaboration.

          Human qualia, or individuals' subjective experiences and sensations, distinguish human consciousness from AI systems and has implications for how humans and AI systems synergize effectively. Qualia significantly impacts research in XR and human-AI interaction by informing UX design, emotional and cognitive modeling, personalization, and ethical considerations. By acknowledging the subjective nature of human experiences, researchers can develop more immersive, intuitive, and ethically sound technologies that foster effective and satisfying interactions between humans and AI systems.



Our mission has four objectives: Agents, Humans, Augment, and Aotearoa. Agents investigates optimal AI autonomy levels in various tasks, considering role characterization, trust, and shared spatial awareness. Humans designs IUIs for XR systems to enhance experiential learning and human-human collaboration using physiological sensing. Augment develops IUIs in XR to augment human perception and cognition, improving industrial design processes and immersive analytics. 

Aotearoa focuses on IUI-based solutions for agricultural decision-making, promoting a sustainable economy, and mental health support applications. Our ultimate goal is to enrich human lives while aligning AI with Aotearoa's societal norms and values.

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